About Us

Established in the year 2010 by the brother sister duo of Punam and Pankaj Khaitan, Ambition Scarves is a scarves manufacturing and export company. During their travels around the world, they realized the popularity of scarves in the global market and formed a venture which could provide trendy and fashionable scarves at reasonable costs worldwide.

 The company has its head office in Kolkata and caters to users worldwide. Over the last couple of years, our esteemed clientele has expanded globally to countries such as Italy, Netherland, Germany, US, France, Japan, Korea etc. 70% of these are repeats and referrals.

The company offers wide range of scarves using fabrics such as cotton, khadi cotton, wool, silk, modal, viscose, blends, cashmere etc. The scarves are mostly made using Screen Prints, Hand Prints, Digital Prints, Block Prints techniques. This also includes Embroideries, Handloom & Power loom scarves.

We are committed to providing customized and innovative high quality scarves and excellent customer service.